Reviews for "Freigeist"


I appear to be having the same issue at clatonctc did. Half the time, the character does not respond to the controls at all, and the other half he keeps running in that direction after I released the button, and even after hammering frantically on the opposite direction arrow. I like the idea of this game, and the mechanic of switching realities. I like the artwork, and the surreal environments. Unfortunately, the controls made the game unplayable, and I can't finish what looked like a very promosing game.

That's it?

Had to play it twice to make sure I didn't accidentally end the game prematurely the first time around. With only 1 level, I wouldn't call this a game at all. Sound was terrible as were the visuals. "Trippyland" was just ridiculous looking. "Story" was meaningless. The "shifting" mechanics added nothing enjoyable.

Also, the VERY first platform can't be jumped on because it's supposed to be too high, but the one after it can... even though they're both EXACTLY the same height? derp.

Wish I had some kind words... sorry.

Wallross responds:

Yeah, it's short. But it's short because we had one hell of a time limit, and it didn't really allow for much more. We could have had the level be twice as long, but because we had to draw everything twice, we couldn't.

Poorly made game

The game was poorly made. Poor controls as the switch often did not work.

Too short.

And i kinda dislike the choice of theme (nazis vs. jews). And that thing about freedom is terrible. I wouldnt say that to detained people. It would be awkward.


This game was simply terrible. Due to the fact that the actions were extremely complicated. In addition this game made no sense and was not comparable to a real world situation.