Reviews for "Freigeist"

Trippy World

The game mechanics are after all based on the individual's taste and I fucking loved it. I found myself switching to the tripped out world more because I was in LOVE with the composition. Mad props to Kirby for that one, legit mad props. It was short but enjoyable in my opinion. Not hard or torturing or anything, just pretty much straight forward.

Liked the idea not the game play

I liked the game, but I could only give it a 7/10. I found moving in the game to be rather non responsive. Also the game was rather short. Also, it could have been more complex with the puzzle solving between the two worlds. I did how ever like the concept as well as the art.
On a irrelevant note, I see people posting on here as though it is the first game involving the holocaust here on Newgrounds. Though the it is a touchy subject and I am fully respectfully and sympathetic towards those who had to endure it, I see there being no reason to be this offended by it to be honest. It's not as though it is portraying the Nazi's in a positive light. It simply a platformer/ puzzle game that take places in Nazi Germany.

Is it HORROR???

Well the concept is great! Need some improvement in the story though. Actually I thought this game was horror because of the music and the girl that keep appearing.

Beautiful but frustrating

Haunting. Sad. Original. Great sounds. Wonderful art! The movement was frustrating, but the concept was interesting. Overall, a great job, especially considering how little time you had. I'm impressed!

Interesting game.

The game was an interesting idea and the art was veri well done. However, the mechanics were not very intuitive (you can't change realities while moving which is crucial to several parts) and it was way to short. Beyond that, it was a good game.