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Reviews for "Freigeist"


I personally loved the game, loved the concept, easy and simple. Especially loved the contrasting mental states available. The story was wonderful, but as repeated over and over, it is a bit too short for such a great concept. Seemed too easy as well if you think of it as a puzzle platform game, assumed there would be more, but still great. Good work (thumbs up)!

Good game

I like a lot of things about this game. It has a nice feel to it, it is quite unique, and has a fairly easy control system. I also like the story, which is shown shortly and very visually, and just cuts in without long cutscenes. But thats also one of the problems I seem to face. I feel like it is far too short. I beat it in a couple of minutes, and was more than drawn into the game while playing, till I hit the bummer when I reached the end and discovered how short it was. I would love to see a sequel to this, that would be a bit longer, seeing as so much more can be done with this. Other wise, its splendid. I say 7/10, and 4/5.

i like spy games but this is alittle too short

can you make the dream world have less color? it hurt for the eyes. overall it good but i hate is when some time i go over the boundery and can come back

Beautiful but frustrating

Haunting. Sad. Original. Great sounds. Wonderful art! The movement was frustrating, but the concept was interesting. Overall, a great job, especially considering how little time you had. I'm impressed!


The idea for the game itself is probably good, But my character kept locking up and wouldint stop going in one direction, It caused me to die a great many times.