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Reviews for "Freigeist"


but cool. Please patch it up and make it longer!

Interesting concept.

I very much liked the concept, but it was really short perhaps it's the the 1st in a series? I loved the music as well. Oh, and I noticed the audio from Iowa.

Personally, I loved it

And I'm not sure why others don't seem to. The only problem I potentially have was that it was quite short. But it was an interesting concept, and quite thought provoking. Overall, well done.

buggy, boring, and a pain on the eyes

On the upside you fight nazis!


I appear to be having the same issue at clatonctc did. Half the time, the character does not respond to the controls at all, and the other half he keeps running in that direction after I released the button, and even after hammering frantically on the opposite direction arrow. I like the idea of this game, and the mechanic of switching realities. I like the artwork, and the surreal environments. Unfortunately, the controls made the game unplayable, and I can't finish what looked like a very promosing game.