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Reviews for "Freigeist"

interesting state.

well done

interesting concept

Landing controls not very good, but the gameplay is joyful. It's bad that is too short and there's no final boss or final challenge.


Nice concept
So he had nirvana finally

This was...

AWESOME! Brilliant how the song was the same yet had a kid's version and dark-spooky version at the same time. Dual-world was a bit tricky at times, but cute. Each very much so seemed to serve their purpose.

Wish it were longer, and the edges of the world need walls instead of "Whups you fell and died outside of the field of vision". A little more story could be used and the first couple shots were hard to figure out, but overall I liked it.

When one escapes ones mind and is not bound to the physical, are we not dead? How can one ignore the laws of the physical world? Or is that the secret outside of your own mind? The box we all so wish to think outside of, is this our mind? The prison cell itself? How then are we to escape our own mind?

I would say this blew my mind, but it sounds like I should work on escaping instead of trying to Big-Bad-Wolf it. I'm sure it is made of something stronger than brick, yet as imaginary as existing within this flame game.


I quite enjoyed it. I only wish that it was a little longer. I will play this again.