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Reviews for "Freigeist"

Pretty deep game!

Well, it's actually a pretty heavy theme, but with a light gameplay. The 'inner' world is quite peaceful and calm. Does this mean he is free to think what he wants, or is this some start of crazyness and alienation of the real and suffered world?

Plus, what the little doll means?

I couldn't even play it...

Too buggy, I lost just because all the time. It's a great concept, so I wish I could have played it more, but...


Loved the concept of switching between the two realities. My only negative comment would be too short! I wish it were longer. Awesome job!

Interesting game.

The game was an interesting idea and the art was veri well done. However, the mechanics were not very intuitive (you can't change realities while moving which is crucial to several parts) and it was way to short. Beyond that, it was a good game.


The game itself wasn't all that great but the concept and the environment was pretty great.
Just press foward and space and let go of up in mid jump.