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Reviews for "Freigeist"

This is a well made game. Nazi Crocodiles, nothing can be bad with them.
Great music too.
Many times games seem to be made by people who doesn't know much about literature and philosophy, like cinema is the only good media to get inspiration from. You made a very brave choice.


It was really short, but it was a good game. Especially the alligator Nazis.


I didn't experience any mechanical bugs like everyone else has been whining about, but at one point, the music got switched for the two worlds, and somehow switched back a little later.

Simply breathtaking.

Really good

Like you said, this game was made in 96 hours. But you only can see this by looking at the length of this game. But a game doesn't need to be long to be good. It needs to have good graphics, which this game has, a good gameplay and a good story. The gameplay was good. I never died, the jumps were fair and you can't say that the changing of worlds is difficult. Now for the story. The idea of bringing such a colourfull and happy world into the life of a jew in a KZ is just genious. The contrast to the dark and cruel reality is really well done and you can see how he struggles to escape the torment that is his life. That + the end quote makes this worthy of 10/10 stars. I also think the title Freigeist was well chosen. I rarely find such a fitting title.


the mechanics of this game is wack....you cant even click space to change the realm while jumping or just holding two keys. LAME