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Reviews for "Freigeist"

I like it

I like the game, the controls were nice, but the animation was a little off. You don't really have a very high amount of content

Also, before you reach the spikes, in the normal world, you can stand where the pillar is going to appear, jump, and then switch worlds, and you're pushed all the way to the top, and you can just walk right to finish the stage.

Interesting game.

The plot is disturbing as it is supposed to be and the graphics is very detailed and the music is well suited to the game.However,more elements of mystery and the supernatural could be added to make the game more interesting and chilling.It is amazing that within 4 days,you are able to come up with a game like this,great job to you and hope that there will be a second one coming out soon.

I wish it was longer

It's too short, I almost got excited while thinking "Woah, this is the best game I've seen for last few days" and then it was over. Please make a sequel!

Good work!

A good start to Game Jam 6. :]

Art: Very nice work here. Not too complex, but enough to give a great feel. The main character was very fitting, and the background was eerie.

Story: A little... vague. I mean, the overall concept was mostly straightforward, but... I'm still not sure of all the mechanics of it. Like, for instance, how was he initiating these hallucinations? What caused them - and why do they reveal certain obstacles? And, more importantly... what exactly was the escape all about? Why was his mind being monitored, and what did his feat actually accomplish?
I dunno, I feel pretty empty about the plot. Still, great idea. :]

Programming: Very smooth! I didn't notice any major flaws - except that jumping wasn't always on command, so I'd fall every once in a while. It's a common mistake, though I'm not sure what causes it. It may not be the programming so much as Flash itself. Either way, the engine was wonderful, and I didn't experience a single bug. Wonderful job, there.

Music: Soo good. Both main themes were perfectly fitting to the moods they accompanied. I'll likely be downloading them both once this review is done - maybe reviewing them separately as well.

Fantastic work, Tolstoy! 7/10 4/5

Wallross responds:

We were running into the odd problem during development when holding more than two keys down, when one of those keys was the left arrow. It's an interesting flash bug that only affects some keyboards. That's my bet about what your problem was. Thank's so much for the review!