Reviews for "Freigeist"

That's it?

Had to play it twice to make sure I didn't accidentally end the game prematurely the first time around. With only 1 level, I wouldn't call this a game at all. Sound was terrible as were the visuals. "Trippyland" was just ridiculous looking. "Story" was meaningless. The "shifting" mechanics added nothing enjoyable.

Also, the VERY first platform can't be jumped on because it's supposed to be too high, but the one after it can... even though they're both EXACTLY the same height? derp.

Wish I had some kind words... sorry.

Wallross responds:

Yeah, it's short. But it's short because we had one hell of a time limit, and it didn't really allow for much more. We could have had the level be twice as long, but because we had to draw everything twice, we couldn't.

Fairly enjoyable.

I rate the game fairly, it was very well made and enjoyable. And actually quite insightful.
However, I must agree with RoMeJo, do not bring into the idea of brutality on America's front.
I would have liked for the game to have been longer, perhaps a little more detailed on other accounts, such as the walking motion for the main character or for the little girl leading you to the light (Her in total, either make her darker or more detailed.)
Other than that, good show.

not bad

not bad game a bit weird but its different i enjoyed it didnt finish it but i enjoyed what i played and i got to say intresting choice of music to open the game slipknot 515 but im a slipknot fan so i enjoyed the music lol


Interesting game. I read the comments however. In your reply to Neophyte-Ronin 's critique you said,

"And if the main character had have been an innocent Muslim wrongly imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay, drugged up on some CIA torture program, then every hard-liner american on this site would have gone and been really harsh."

Sounds like you are comparing The Holocaust to what is going on between America and the middle east right now. For that sir, I award you -5 points. How could you possibly be that retarded. Know your history.

Oh yea, the game was enjoyable. Chasing little girls while running from Nazi's while you are on drugs = freedom. I get it.

Alot of interesting stuff coming from this Game Jam. Look forward to playing the rest of the entries.

"Hard Liner American" signing off.

Wallross responds:

Sure, the holocaust is a fair bit more brutal than what was going on at Gitmo. But if you actually took what I said in my comment to Neophyte-Ronin, you would have realised what I was saying.

I was saying that if we wanted a more historically accurate setting, we could have had the game revolve around gitmo, not drawing parallels between the war on terrorism and the holocaust.


Nice game, nice graphics, but very short.
I would have liked it if the "other" world was even trippier, fluctuating and stuff, maybe have more moving panels. Good game though!

Wallross responds:

Initially, all the eyeballs blinked and looked around. But this was really intensive, and had to be scrapped. It's unfortunate, but the game would be a lot worse without it.