Reviews for "Freigeist"

let me tell you what i think

i liked it. i liked the idea behind it, i like the whole overtone of nazi experiments on the human mind, i didnt like how short it was and how simple the engine was. im glad i experienced the game, but i dont know about front page material

Come on guys

The point of the game was not to express holocaust ideas. This was just a "Spiritually thinking game." I mean really you sure did not feel bad shooting nazi's in Cod:World at War, but throw in a Jew and everyone is like FUCK NO. Now with my review, I thought it was an okay game. Just a minor thing with the switching worlds and moving while jumping parts.

Wallross responds:

Thank You. You're the first person since the game has been front paged to make a review that isn't full of hate about politics and history.
And that issue you mentioned is weird. It only happens while using the left arrow key, and it only happens on some keyboards, mainly external ones.


Short. REALLY short. Kind of buggy. IN my opinion, also a little awkwardly offensive. This is about a guy who was basically tortured into insanity and then into death. Too dark.


Holohoax? No thx


Magneto will love this game. Or hate it. IDK