Reviews for "Freigeist"

Very Dark

I liked the gameplay & wish there was a longer version. I really liked the references to the Socialist Nazis & how they tortured/murdered people in the name of medical science. A game with a history lesson is always welcome when it is true. Excellent shorty 5/5 10/10


I feel that that other world was not a world at all. Yet the Jew was drugged, or the experiment had a negative affect on his brain, causing him to lead to hallucination. I don't think I understand fully, or maybe I'm looking to far into this. But I believe that with this kind of sensitive subjected game, their has to be something deeper.

No one would dare to make such a game with such a plot, without their meaning something to it. Idk. I enjoyed this. Great game.

Very cool

I really liked this one. It had an especially interesting mechanic with the switching between worlds to solve puzzles. I REALLY liked that the music sounded somewhat similar melodically between both worlds. I really enjoyed this one. Nice length too. I never got bored or too frustrated. Great job!


But far too unresponsive to be very enjoyable.
The idea is cool, though.
Could have done alot more, but what you did wasn't terrible.
The background music and art were pretty good as well.

Liked the idea not the game play

I liked the game, but I could only give it a 7/10. I found moving in the game to be rather non responsive. Also the game was rather short. Also, it could have been more complex with the puzzle solving between the two worlds. I did how ever like the concept as well as the art.
On a irrelevant note, I see people posting on here as though it is the first game involving the holocaust here on Newgrounds. Though the it is a touchy subject and I am fully respectfully and sympathetic towards those who had to endure it, I see there being no reason to be this offended by it to be honest. It's not as though it is portraying the Nazi's in a positive light. It simply a platformer/ puzzle game that take places in Nazi Germany.