Reviews for "Freigeist"

Is it HORROR???

Well the concept is great! Need some improvement in the story though. Actually I thought this game was horror because of the music and the girl that keep appearing.

a bit short

there was few bugs i noted, at the top of the first set of ladders, if you walked toward the edge of the screen, you would fall and reset at the base of the stairs you just climbed. the sticky shifting was a bit of an issue, and the nazi at the top of the second key can still hit you, even though he is behind the wall. neat idea but too short and a bit glitchy.

Not sure but...

The ending made me sad.

I keep thinking the "freedom" in the game and the word "release" are suppose to mean something...not so joyful.

I want to like this game

I really do, but the switching is just too unresponsive (when I try to jump at the same time at least). I can't even beat the first (only?) jumping puzzle. I love everything else, such as the concept and music, but the controls ruin it for me.

Still, if you ever make a sequel I'd definitely play it.

This is off-topic, but I like how the swastika is a frowny face while he's "tripping".

Wallross responds:

Yeah, that's a weird flash bug, where if you hold more han two keys while one of those keys is the left arrow key, the third press won't register. Just switch to WASD for that part and it should be fine.

deffinitly worth playing

i like the concept of this game, its different and new. i like the idea of switching between the two 'worlds' to get to the end of the level. tho i didn't have any problems with the controls, they felt fluid and responsive. loved the music, gave it a nice atmosphere and a little more depth to the game. also worth saying i like the artwork.