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Reviews for "Freigeist"

Great Story

Story wise this is absolute gold. however the graphics were pretty poor, the audio loop wasn't that for Freigeist Real, I enjoyed Freigeist Drug song however. The game was short. a few bugs here and there. in terms of traps and puzzles not that many, if any.
I would play this game solely for the story, but beyond that this game holds not that much entertainment value for a lot of people, i would believe. Great job. maybe get someone to remake the game with better graphics and then try a resubmit. As for people complaining about controls, I can't see why. they were simple and smooth enough even when jumping and switching from platform to platform.

Overall this is a passable game. deserves front page. but i don't see it staying for long. Keep up the good work however


I personally don't understand why this has received so much negativity. I thought this was a beautiful game with a poignant meaning, but I guess that's just me huh? Anyway, keep up the good work Team Tolstoy!


Honestly, it really DOES look like you spent only 96 hours making this, like your about says. I really liked the moral at the end of the game. The game itself, however, is poorly made (and a fucking creepy ass mother fucking game.) If you edited this and spent a little more time on it revamping it and adding some cleaning touches on it, it would be a lot better.

good stuff

reminded me my shrooms experiences. still don't know why we all see eyes everywhere

Poorly made game

The game was poorly made. Poor controls as the switch often did not work.