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Reviews for "Freigeist"

Short, but far from sweet.

Absolutely average gameplay, featuring the bare minimum in obstacles with only two enemies and a couple spikes. Controls worked well, though considering all there was was a run, jump, and climb mechanic it's not impressive.

However, given the time constraints it is somewhat understandable and is not really the reason for the low score. What is is the utterly shallow message that fails to be conveyed through Freigeist at all.

First of all the "other" world was ugly, themeless, and belongs more to the idea of drug-assited hallucinations than the vision of a "free mind". Lizard nazi's, platforms with eyes and a neon colour palette does not carry a serious or spiritual theme at all.

Secondly, the message that is forced feed through the ending scrawl not only does not match at all with the gameplay, but is overall horrible given the position the protagonist is left in. At best we assume the little girl is an angel that has guided his spirit away from his corpse to the afterlife, and at worst we imagine that his only salvation from the brutal torture he endures is to avoid reality and leave his body as nothing more than a meatbag so his mind can fool itself into being somewhere better. This is not freedom, this is escapism. This is not inspiring, this is depressing.

Had this been done with a level of somber maturity in showing the true level of hopelessness that a Jew in that time faced this could have worked. Heck, if a better job had been spent with the imagery and the allegory of one overcoming the mental prison over the physical one this might have worked. However, the idea was clearly underdeveloped and as such it makes the use of Jews and Nazis feel like a cheap trick to elect undeserved emotions towards the game's message.

Interesting concept, but short.

I like the concept, it really makes you think but I think it is a bit short. However this does not impact on the games meaning as it is short and straight to the point.

Too short.

And i kinda dislike the choice of theme (nazis vs. jews). And that thing about freedom is terrible. I wouldnt say that to detained people. It would be awkward.


Kinda like sucker punch? I mean you create a fantasy environment in your mind and use it to "escape" (ie, die, or close enough) so you can't be hurt by your captors anymore. Well, I guess a good idea is worth repeating. I don't get why it's beautiful, more like sadly necessary. good job for a four day project though, too bad you couldn't have spent more time on it.

People just want fun, not meanings

a excellent game with a beatiful history and a meaning that makes you think if you are living your life as a slave of you.