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Reviews for "Freigeist"

uhhhh thats it?

Sweet, one level of sloppy platforming with bad drawing. Pass.


I like how you give the game as something that alludes to people suffering but still remaining free (in spirit) and then at the end gave us a quip with a very solum yet inspiring message. Well done. Keep doing what you do.

Sad ending

The ending is really depressing though interesting in the concept -- the Jew died anyway :(


I really enjoyed playing this game, and I liked the concept a lot. The game is a bit too short, and parts of the story are obscure or missing (who was the little girl?) but overall, I would say this was very well done.

Well done..

It's a interesting point of view... The game is very short, but the message in the end is interesting. But a little hard to put on pratice xDDD

A man who returns of the war, but still seeing the war wherever he go, we can say he is a prisioner of his mind, if I can remember, this is a sickness.

Maybe, the freedom for our hero on the game, is the death. 'Cause he is finally away of all of that pain and can see a bright light. It's sad how many times this was the truth of that people...