Reviews for "Alien Tripods PSA"


The animation was good and it was very smooth and you had a good theme. so you have all the book work done. the joke just seemed lacking for me you could have done more. The title made me interested and I expected a little more humor but I saw the redbull and was like ok then all it did was fill energy and shoot and it was kind of an aww thats it. all in all seven maybe seven in a half for a safe flash.

Oh, that's funny

I assumed that a parody ad was going to have dialogue in it, but this didn't have it. At first, it seemed like it was going to be something made for the Tripods themselves. They would recommend Red Bull to their fellow invaders. Of course, with this being a PSA, that wouldn't make much sense. The animation was good in this one. While it's great that something is funny, it's always good to put effort into the drawings.

The tripod itself is especially well designed. I see references to "War Of The Worlds" many times, put rarely see drawings of tripods. It's nice how people let their artistic talent show off with stuff like this. I had Red Bull a couple of times and it wasn't one of the best or worst drinks I ever had. It's nice to hear from you.

Great work man! And good luck!

Keep us posted on the contest results, and we can help vote or something :)

In terms of criticism, I'd suggest that the alien carries more weight when it falls. It felt a bit like a puppet getting it's strings cut (when it lost power), rather than a city-destroying Titan plummeting to the ground. Perhaps a slight delay as it attempts not to fall, or just a slower ease into collapsing, to build up effect of weight crashing down.

Just some thoughts :D

Eh...It's cute

Funny. Nice animation.
Good, but I wouldn't say Front Page material.
Regardless its smooth, simple, and all that hoo-ha.

they...touch..my .....cans...

Nobody steals my RED BULL!!!!