Reviews for "Alien Tripods PSA"


This really can't be considered a PSA. There's no narrator voice telling you how to prevent Tripods from getting energy drinks. Or telling you how to defend yourself from them or anything. It's just some dubbed music into cheap graphics. Granted the idea was kind of good, but you didn't seem to put any real effort into it. If you plan to make something like this again. I suggest trying harder and putting more effort into it.

This movie..

Was on tv recently. I see what u did there bro.
But this wasn't funny, or entertaining.

But here's a five, for trying.

I know this sounds silly...

and not to nit pick...but I think the part where you animated the pouring of the liquid was too long. And because it was too long...the viewer kind of noticed that the frames or animation was pretty weak at that point. I'm no expert but when I saw that...I definitely thought it brought down the animation in a partial way. Either animate a few different patterns to the liquid..or pan away from it faster. Its often how people can get away with bad animating cause they change scenes too fast for people to notice.

Of course the animation and music were solid and go togehter so great. Loved it :P Love the movie as well.

But yeah...something to think about.

cheap joke, cheap animation

yep... twas plain and boring...

nah im just kidding! :)

i lied

(did you think that was funny? neither did i about your movie.)


So funny fell of chair laughing when it grabbed the red bull!