Reviews for "Alien Tripods PSA"

I thought it might grow wings or something.

I kinda liked it at a 'me gusta' level... Two of my favorite things was on that flash. But, I couldn't stop thinking it would be way better just to ban any more production of red bull outright if the alien war machines are going to use it as power-ups.

Why it looks like a red bull commercial

Because it's not funny at all, it looks like a lazy work made for the money, seriously, the difference between this and a real commercial is that this is made of flash, nothing more.

I liked it...

My only real complaint is that you made the spin on the Smokey the Bear slogan, rather than the Red Bull slogan. As a PSA parody, this was fairly weak, but as an advertising parody I think it had more potential.

Still, probably better than anything I could come up with. I liked it, and think that other people are being too hard on ya. Keep creating!

Also, front page? Maybe you should give Red Bull a call and see if you can't get a little recognition from them! ;)


But that's about it. At least you could have worked on the punch line a little bit. Something about the aliens coming here for their power source?

Many Lazors Were To Be Shot That Day

I enjoyed this one quite a bit. Almost makes me want to watch that particular movie again...