Reviews for "Alien Tripods PSA"

not great / not bad. all in all pretty good

Ok so it was an excellent animation I'll give you that but personally I think that there needed to be some kind of narrator's voice like from those old "safety first" videos they made us watch in high school.

oh, come on it wont work

this video isnt working for me. mabey if i refresh

Not really like it

I can see advertising of Red Bull on TV too.

War of the Worlds lol!

I really liked it! nice touch with the red bull making the alien tripod fire an epic shot. I am surprised as to why so many animations and games I have seen lately were all about War of the worlds but I love this. It was good. Keep it up!


I liked it, but i think a cheesy public announcer voice would have been even more funny. red bull energy was a great idea. maybe some cut scenes with still shots and helpful hints to avoid total destruction like the old "duck and cover" nuclear war video tapes. that would have made me laugh out loud.