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Reviews for "Age of Shurikens"

Same problem as below.

I'm having the same problem saving as well during the tutoral, regardless of the fact the save data is still obviously there. "Click here to fix the problem" doesn't work.

Movement is a bit slow...

Thanks for fixing the bugs! I wish my character had the option to run, rather than just walk.

Could be better

I've liked most of what I've played so far, but I'm not far in because the game gets slower every minute (even with the graphics configuration minimized on a good computer).

I've had a couple problems with the actual game play (using Skyborn):
-Health/Mana Regen is extremely slow
-Shuriken hit detection is so bad that even from point blank, I hit with about 1 of every 5 shurikens
-I completely agree with sharpnova about switching between the keyboard and the mouse constantly

coolroy responds:

I'm aware of the lag issue, unfortunately my hands are tied.

1) You should use potions.

2) Shurikens aren't meant to be thrown from point blank, it's like that on purpose.
You should throw them from a distance.
If you want an increased distance you should invest in the "Sharp Thrower" skill.

Too much like Maple Story....

Everything feels the same. But less fun and interesting... Just not very original at all

controls were annoying

a game should not force you to move your hand back and forth between the keyboard and mouse.

movement should have been with wasd and interaction with the mouse.

or any other of a number of combinations of input styles that don't require the player to move their hand between the keyboard and mouse so much. that's very annoying.