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Reviews for "Age of Shurikens"


argh.. premium shop? really?

Good but lacking

It's a fun game, I myself played a soul hunter and that worked well for me and I had a good time playing it but at the same time I felt like he game was too short I didn't have enough time to really play with my class to much maybe if I'd played an executioner I would have had a different experience.

Also the final assassination mission seems to be bugged as the lord of the village is nowhere to be found in any of the areas. The final boss was bugged as I used one of my specials on it and get it anywhere near dying but when I attacked it normally one final time it simply died instantly, I guess that's kind of a good bad bug.

Lastly although not as bad as other games your use of the english language in the game is rather...subpar you could say, would I be incorrect at guessing that english is not your first language or that you possibly didn't check your grammar at all? It's just a small complaint I mean it doesn't make the game unplayable but it's a pet peeve of mine when I'm playing and be reading the dialog and just find that it reads like a poorly translated graphic novel at points.

Anyways, the game was fun it feels like you wanted to make it so there could possibly be a sequel where you could load your previous character into the game, which would make sense with the brevity of the game. I enjoyed it I hope to see a sequel or something.

Save problem

It's good but I tried can't save in both Firefox and Safari. It would be a lot better if I could save.

Calm and collected...a little too calm.

For anyone complaining about the controls, you can customize them in the menu.

As for the gameplay, combat is almost humorously awkward and slow, but it still seems to be fun. I really wish I hadn't saved the game after getting the Qian's hut glitch, but I'm ok with restarting.

cool game

beat game as level 11 executioner
not much of an ending, it was pretty disappointing
should have a way to walk faster cause he walks way too slow
overall great game