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Reviews for "Age of Shurikens"

I just want to know something

Where in the name of god is the "rare amarillo"? I just can't find it

And the game is good, just too slow

maple story

almost the same game... but its good

Nice, but needs some work

I'm enjoying this game, but there are a few problems with it:

- The slow walking speed is infuriating, especially seeing as there is a lot of walking in this game
- The mage's summons are often as harmful as they are good. When entering the swamp, for example, they will randomly attack armadillos that are close to them. This means that as the armadillos run into the middle of the screen suddenly all of them are attacking me. There is no way to be close enough to them all so that they don't shoot, and there is no way to dodge their shots, which means that I have to keep entering and exiting the swamp in order to get anywhere without dying. When they do get killed by my wolves, I can't go and pick up the drops without being shot... This makes the mage substantially weaker than the warrior or one of the rogues. I think you should have at least minimal control over the summoned creatures, or they should only attack creatures that I attack first, or something.

That being said, it isn't a bad game, the graphics are nice if simple, and there is a good variety of quests. With some more gameplay work, this could be great.


coolroy responds:

Actually there is a way to change your summons' behavior, choose from one of the 3 small behavior buttons that appear in each summon's window on the top right.

Having played Maplestory for a long time...

...I saw so many similarities. It's not bad, I enjoyed the time playing Maplestory very much, but that's not what I'm reviewing here.

Art: 7/10
It was okay, the characters were drawn well, but nothing actually managed to amaze me. The game was a big laggy, but the animations were fluid, so no problems at that.

Also, good that you can edit so much different video settings, you don't see that THAT often at flash games.

Music: 6/10
Meh, it fitted but for some reason it annoyed me pretty much, so after three minutes of playing I muted everything.

Concept: 7/10
Unoriginal, but it's fine, I enjoyed what I've played till now (I've only explored the first village) and just like Maplestory did, it will keep me occupied for a good time, but I will get gored of it pretty quick, since the concept is already very familiar with me (I get bored extremely quick when it comes to games).

Also, congratulations on hitting 5th place, it's deserved.

Overall score: ~7/10 and 4/5. Good job, keep it up!

Okay, but still needs to be fixed.

I played as a Skyborn, and it really is delightful having the highest speed claw plus fast shurikens and attack upgrades for the claw. I made it to level 10, but it seems like I'm stuck now.

First, I cannot complete a quest because for some reason I killed Lord Quian so now it's incomplete. Not only that, but there is a bug with an item that randomly changes into different items such as a hut, tree, cave, etc. and you can grab it while it still changes. Another bug is that the Cemetery portal is broken. It keeps teleporting me to the bottom of the screen near the prison hut. Oh yeah, and I couldn't find the other assassins since I went through all of the areas, except the Cemetery, which is still bugged.

I also seem to have a kill lag because when I throw the shuriken at the enemy, it sticks to them for a little bit, then they take the damage depending on how many I threw a few seconds later. Oh, and does anybody say that this game almost resembles MapleStory? The only thing different is that there's no archers in this game, just the warriors, mages, and thieves splitted to their own category: daggers and shurikens.