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Reviews for "Age of Shurikens"

Where do you find Lord Qian for the Death Crown?

I looked all over... Glitch perhaps? I also beat the Red Beast for the "Final Mission." Is there anything left to do? Fun game btw

Just a knockoff!

This game is just a newgrounds remake of Maplestory. Seriously. It has the same key configuration for abilities and skills, and you use the same game mechanics. Not at all original.

Not quite as good...

If you told me this was a game for game jam... I could belive you if it wasn't for the good graphics, which actually also slowed the game to the point, were it was snail's pace. But here I mentioned the first plus: the graphics are quite good.

Next point - the music. It's okay, but gets quite repetetive. The rest of the audio - fight sounds, coins tingling when you buy something - it does fit in.

However, that's it for the good stuff. The most alarming issue is performance. I really appreciate you made graphic change options, but even they don't help. I can assure, I've got a computer that could at least keep World of Warcraft running on more fpses than some moments in here. Yes, I've noticed the Firefox issue - yet still, the game is slow even on diffrent browsers.

Then, there comes original concept and mechanics of a RPG - it's somewhat bad, since most characters lack mana, and your points go waste or you keep them for nothing.

Combine this with gameplay - not only your skills are lacking productivity, but also the difficulty is quite big. Take some ninjas/guards that ravish you as you play melee as an example. Some clases are really bad (soul hunter), while some are quite up to the level of monsters; you can play fine with them. (sage)

It was fun to play, but it gets boring quite soon. If I were you, I'd look at games like Sonny, Murloc RPG - turn based RPGs, rathen than live-action ones. They tend to be made easier in terms of dealing with bugs (the gameplay doesn't bug because of animations) and balancing.

Awesome work!

You obviously put a lot of effort in this. You did great, this is a good quality game. Good graphics, sounds, and the game system and mechanism is just outstanding.

You deserve a great score and this game deserves a great status here on NG.

However, I just didn't like it. I won't take my personal preferences into account when voting for the game, or course, that would not be fair. But I feel that I must, as a reviewer, share this here. Your game is way too slow and complicated for a flash game. It's really rare that I enjoy a game with this sort of idea (one exception that I could mention is "Last Stand Union City", wich is one of my favorites ever). I think this comes from the fact that your idea is too demanding for a casual player, and even the ones that will take the demand are going to be a little frustraded because of the slow-pace and seemingly complicated system you created.

Again I insist, your game is great, this is an excelent quality job. You are definitely good at this.

Undisputable 5/5 and 10/10. Great work!


The pace of this game is awful. Even on low quality settings, things happen at a crawl. Aside from that, there aren't a lot of choices for skills, and the NPC dialogue writing is pretty terrible.