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Reviews for "Age of Shurikens"


nice game but something is awkward

Seems cool. Couldn't tell ya.

The graphics look good, there's plenty of character creation options, and four different classes.

That's about as far as I got, since it lagged so hard against the weak wolf on the lowest settings. I'm using a brand new notebook that's not a gaming computer, but can run just about any new game. And I couldn't run this flash game. That, to me, means something is wrong with the game.


Well its not a bad game, its kind of laggy and class balance sucks but overall good. A couple of things though, I cant go into the shop that sells the throwing items for skyborn anymore, it teleports me infront of the officer and also I cant find an NPC Zhialiann, maybe you need a desciption of where things are, I've had some trouble with that.


I think it is a nice game, but the fact that i CAN'T DO ANYTHING besides attack out of nowhere and the occasional jump makes me dissapointed. nice game, needs tweaking.;

I really tried to like this game

The game looks decent enough, the music is good, but the entire thing moves way too slow. I know it's not my computer, because the animations are running smoothly, but I feel like I'm struggling to get to one end of the screen to the other, because everything is just moving too slowly.

It just makes the game nearly unplayable.