Reviews for "Skyrim - CotN"

this is awsome!!!lol
and forgeting to save sucks

by necromancer you mean NEGROmancer right?

dafuq!? he didnt save eversince he started playing the game!?

This was amusing

Ok so this was kinda interesting, it has its amusing points, now i must say it did have some racisim "JOKES" and while that always gets a good humor value sometimes it doesnt but must say you did present some good "HUMOR" with this one, and ill have to checkout the rest of the series but i must also add that this one was pretty amusing, Also nice to see that others liked it alot as it did win an daily award so congrats there, The ending of this was pretty neat and probably the best part leading from everything else. so there you presented all the areas of humor, story and cliffhangar wich all seemed to come together in a good random yet somewhatof a story for some good humor all around, anyways nice job all around, So in the end this was a pretty good piece if you ask me, i got a few good laughs out of it, keep up the good work.

So here is where i suggest some improving points, well to be honest it was pretty good as it was, and had all the elements of a great flash, maybe making it a tad longer wouldnt hurt, but for the most of it, it was right on.

And overall this was funny with a bit of racisim. but still amusing.

cyotecody555 responds:

Thanks for the review bud

Funny as hell... Black Necromancer with a picture of Chicken and the ghetto accent.... Good job on the art and coloring too.