Reviews for "Skyrim - CotN"

Absolutely hilarious.

This is quite easily one of the best submissions I have came across in a while, with both great humour, art style and animation. Although people are likely to vote it down due to perceived racism, I personally find it completely hilarious regardless, and I believe that the video should be taken as comedy - for that's what it is.

The animation was pretty smooth, although rather tweened-feeling, and I found the art style fitting too, it reminded me somewhat of Sexual-Lobster's, although looking at them side-by-side the comparison isn't too close. This is a positive thing, as I completely love the GreasyMoose series and the art style that goes with it.

Audio was very fitting, with the voice acting, especially that of the 'negromancer' blending well with the overall atmosphere comedic atmosphere of the latter stages while providing good contrast with the more serious section, as it seems was intended. The thu'um sounded good, and far more manlier at least than the attempt that /v/ had at recreating 'fus roh dah', and the use of Sons of Skyrim in the background contributed further to the 'epic' feel that the more serious moments came under.

As previously mentioned, I just find the whole thing hilarious, and hope that others feel the same way, especially as technically this is a well produced Flash. I see the potential for a Daily, or even Weekly, winner in this Flash.

Randomly Awesome

I haven't played Skyrim, but it sounds like a really fun game. Is it online, unlike Oblivion? If so, that's the best reason I could get to play this. I really like your work man and I really wanna see more. Cheers!

Always be saving.