Reviews for "Skyrim - CotN"

Nice Material

Enjoyed watching, watched it several times actually. Still yet to see the racism unless you count the "cracker" bit then possibly. Otherwise nicely put together!

it was alright

not sure though why it had to be racist good animation but could of been a lot funnier

haha you came close to a 0

yup im one of those negros. the first 30 seconds offended me, even in this day and age. a negro stays a negro. Negromancer just makes it so much fucking worst lol. Then I got payback. sweet revenge... and not saving just made it better. good call.

cyotecody555 responds:

I hope I don't offend anyone lol
I have nothing against black people ;)
Just for lulz

But wait........

I thought necromancers specialized in raising the dead and in this animation he threw fireballs? Isn't it suppose to be a PYROmancer? Me confused

friggin necro!

This is so true, just to kill a dragon with a shout ill go all frikin out with everything els. and i always save DURING killing the dragon i hate necromancers.