Reviews for "Random Heroes"

I loved it!

Plenty of power ups, weapons and achievements. Crisp graphics. Good Controls. Maybe could use even more music tracks but still matches the feel/design of the game just fine. Fun to play. The bosses were challenging enough without being stupid hard.
I saved up early and bought the best weapon and went from there.
Thanks for making this game.

What a platformer should be

The animation was smooth, I didn't see a glitch at all... The music meshed well with the game, and the gameplay was fun. I like the upgrade options for this game, as well as the variety of enemies you see. all in all a well rounded game.. 10/10 for you sir.

And if everyone thinks it's easy, go through the whole game using only the pistol.... :)
And the moonwalk/shoot comes in handy too...


the levels have an interesting design. you have to follow alternative ways to get more money to buy new items, but, because you earn money in a disbalanced way, it's just a waste of time exploring the map.

i liked the enemies, they are creative and have a decent difficulty. the retro visual is cool too.

the last boss is very easy. i think the second one should be the last, because he was much harder to defeat.

also, it would be nice if each hero had something special. they are all the same.

love it!!!!!!

Really fun old school shooter/platforming action!

people having a hard time? lol!!!!!!!!!!!

i loved the game but it is very easy. i flew through it the first time without losing a life and i got all the achievements (except killing the final boss with the other guys of course, but i quickly got them when i was finished with my first game). The achievements were not hard to get, the bosses were fun but also easy. i liked that you had alternative routes to explore. I also liked the availability of weapons, however they are not needed and i only used 3 of them. first thing i did was upgrade the amount of money received and then i got shotgun and then laser thingy. overall i really enjoyed the game and thats why i gave it a 10.