Reviews for "Random Heroes"

Just another reason why Abraham Lincoln is awesome. Throw Jason and some random trucker dude, and that's senseless killing fun.

Loved it! :D I had played this game a few times... This is the first ive completed it! Always use Laser for Bosses. xD I like how it dosen't Deduct points, when You die. it acctually gives you more money. I liked this game, One more Achievement to go!

perfect besides one thing:To easy

I love this game but it was to easy i got every achevment and beat the game bought every thing it was just to easy besides that it was fun.(this would be an epic ipod app i would get it for sure!)

has anyone noticed...

that the background music for the final area sounds like katy perry's song i kissed a girl

pretty good

I beat it in about 10 min it could have been longer and no ultimate gun with max speed and power