Reviews for "Random Heroes"

my only gripe is that it's kind of easy. i had the best gun, every piece of armor, and every upgrade by the beginning of chapter 3. plus i only died once. but that aside it's a great game, it seems as though you were going for a nintendo look and you nailed it (aside from it being easy lol)

pretty good but too slow/easy

Very nice platformer, I enjoyed playing it.

Exellent game! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! :)

Pretty damn good

A very good platform game with a little "weird" moments.
Laser gun and grenade launcher still take more then one shot to kill? and they are the most (well not the grenade launcher) out of the guns, not all of the powerful guns have to be one shot kill but what are you collecting money and trying to buy the launcher and such for if they take 3-6 shots.

Everything is good Gameplay wise i wish there was a point system or something beside the money because you use those and the achievement is cool but it doesn't tell me i just see a icon saying achievement -_- and there not on newgrounds so that's "weird".

oh and the little flying thing is the hardest and annoying thing to kill if you don't upgrade your life and gun (well even if you upgrade your gun those bastards don't' DIE lol).

Concept *
gameplay *
audio *
control *

Five stars

originality: great game I hope to see more stuff like this and hopefully on a different platform down the road maybe? lol.