Reviews for "Random Heroes"

random heroes, y u so short?

I liked the old-school Amiga-style gfx and sfx, but the game definitely needs more levels and higher difficulty. Also, some hand grenades or a mortar to buy as a weapon would be nice.

good but easy

i give it a ten because it has potential but the problem is that the weapons very quickly become overpowered, meaning i should not be able to buy the pulse gun and be able to destroy my enemies so easily. maybe make the enemies a little bit harder or something. but in all a very enjoyable game!! keep up the good work!


Really cool simple game and great music. Cool stuff :D


I'd like to preface that this game is not poorly made, by any standard - but it really does leave much to be desired.

The genre is already old and this game really adds nothing new to it at all - we've seen it all before. The fundamentals are ok - execution is solid, the game is stable, the music is unobtrusive - but there's nothing creative, new, or interesting. The difficulty is FAR too low, enough to pose no challenge at all, and the game feels very tedious as a result. Shorter levels with more challenging encounters would make for a better experience.

A few more points for easy improvement:

- The music was ok, but a single repetitive track gets tedious after a while. Add a few more just to keep things lively.

- Speed up moving platforms. The whole game feels like one long wait for them to get moving.

- Consider making non-obsolete weapons or one-time-use items strewn around ; anything to break the monotony, really.

All in all, it's a solid game, but it's really nothing too new or interesting.

Good game.

It was a little on the Easy side, but still fun for the 20 mins it took me to beat it, the prices in the shop should maybe be a little higher i had the best weapon a few levels after the first boss. Maybe make some of the bad guys do more than 1 dmg the only time i almost died was when I fell into a Spike pit.

Oh and almost forgot maybe when you do die take away the money they had just earned that level cause that could be used to farm money for the shop.