Reviews for "Random Heroes"

This Game Is a good, If a little flawed.
For starters I want to comment that it is a Fun and unique platformer, With good controls and functional controls. The shooting made segments a little bit eas for me, but the platforming redeemed the challenge. It found a nice spot of being challenging but not frustrating. Or at least for players who had a similiar experiance.
The boss battles are also fairly unique, And very inventive, I found myself replaying them for the strategic, Hectic and excentric designs, Every boss has a diferent stratergy and a diferent method of defeating them, however there was usually an easy method of avoiding the attacks and holding down the shoot button which made the bosses a little too easy.
There is no cutscenes, Save for the begining, Which establishes the plot and then leaves it behind, Not that that is a problem, Adding cutscenes and story segments would leave the gameplay ignored, And I'd rather have seen the basic style base on gameplay mantained, Which it was.
A problem I did have with the game is that it is way too short, Quiting just as things were getting exiting and leaving me to gather the small few achevements that I hadn't already gotten during the course of the gameplay. one of which required me to play again a few times but failed as you could get it by playing the final boss and skipping the levels.
It was nice to have unlockables such as the minigun and the stainless steel undergarnments, But theese were aquired quite easily by playing the first level with a pistol, then a slightly better gun and cashing in on the best gear by the end of said level.
Overall this game was a good way to kill time, and I did enjoy it to a great extent but there wasn't enough content to unlock to make it worth replaying the whole game and the game itself was a little too easy. But I enjoyed it and I can't think of any better ways to kill time on ones computer for a few hours.

Its cool and amazing but a little too difficult for me

pretty cool

This is just like the awesome game Robot Wants Doggy!!!!!! Exellent!!!

So fun 5/5!