Reviews for "Random Heroes"

i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

good game keep with the good work :D

Not Enough.

It was a good, solid game, with very solid gameplay, presentation, and graphics. But.. its solid, average parts somehow come out to a whole that is less than the sum of its parts. The graphics are clean and smooth, and the whole thing is pretty well-done, but there was nothing that jumped out at me.

The difficulty was pretty laughable; not because there weren't any genuine little ambushes lurking for the player, but because it was ridiculously easy to become a god in this game. I bought the very cheap money-increasing books early on, and had the most powerful weapon going into the second set of stages, and didn't see the need to start upgrading my health until I'd run out of other stuff to buy.

I would honestly suggest increasing the price on the books, since the money ones are gamebreaking, and changing the firearms/armor into tiers, unlocking a new tier with each new chapter. Also, some balance in the guns would be good. The rocket launcher has -beastly- strength, but I'll have killed a wave of mooks with the chain gun or the plasma cannon before I can fire off a second rocket. Damage is laughable when its so vastly trumped by the rate of fire.

And, more as a personal issue than anything; it's a bit of a letdown to get all of those achievements, and try to go back through with the brand new skins.. with absolutely no new gameplay. Why weren't they just unlocked at the start, like the guns?

Like I said, it's a good game. The graphics are clean and polished, the controls are easy to learn, all that fancy jazz that would make a good game. But the game was average, and that sadly makes it quite forgettable. I really hope that you ramp up the challenge and the gameplay in your next projects.



this game was fun but i just hate that the fact that when you die, it sends you back to the beginning..some checkpoints could have made it alot better...but unfortunately it didn't

Read Economics Book, Gain Life.

'Random Heroes' is as generic as an action platformer will ever get. A generic background involving zombies(how original), and run n' gun style gameplay make this title pretty stale in comparison to other games on Newgrounds, today. Characters have no distinguishable attributes other than their skins, and achievements are a nice touch... if they actually attributed to the medal system. The gameplay is quite easy, which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, if it didn't make the game boring and(let's be honest here) mindless. Upgrades would also be great, if the most powerful weapon in the game wasn't available from the start. Because then, I would just save up enough money to get that weapon, and then I'd be unstoppable. Now, with all that said... this game is visually impressive. I love the background detail and the variety of music. The controls are easy to master, and secret areas will always keep you wondering off the path in search for some hidden gold and silver. However, with such simplistic level design and slowly progressing gameplay, it's hard to stay interested for more than a few minutes. Keep on trying though, I'd love to see you guys do something else.


It's fun but too easy

I like the upgrade system a lot. The other heroes thing was disappointing once i found out that they were just other costumes. And I wish there was more challenge. I breezed right through this game in half an hour :/