Reviews for "Random Heroes"

Good Game

This game is good, but it seems too easy to unlock everything and all of the enemies seem to be easy as well.

So fun! But...

Don't take these the wrong way. I mean, I got all the achievements in this game, it's so fun. But,the only things wrong with it are the shortness of the game, and how easy it is! I think I've only died about six times (because of tiny and arsenal slugs/metal, flying things).

I have a couple recommendations, though. Make the game longer and more difficult, ADD MULTIPLAYER (PLEASE?!?), and port to either the Nintendo DSi/3DS or PSP (trust me, this game would be great for handhelds everywhere, especially if you include Multiplayer and the achievements along with it).


Its an epic game.

Great game.

nice straight through game. wish it was a little longer so i can keep playing it.lol

Random Heroes is awesome!

Nice controls, good enemies, awesome music, need I go on? This has everything
an action game needs! Brings me back to Megaman!