Reviews for "Random Heroes"

Very easy, well 5 mins. game

I think is a very good game for a very easy one. It-s completely easy and the enemies are also. It has medium longth, but the fact that you earn money in a disbalanced way make sometimes a bad player experience. Should be fixed up. The idea of this game, in my opinion, is a Mario Bros with guns instead of jumps. But Mario Bros has its magic since it-s played.

Bad money balance
Bad earning and no rewards
Bad enemies difficulty balance
So 10-3>>> 7




nice rounded game. there seemed to be too many jump buttons nice to have nades in next one. also level indicator. I thought the game would keep going for a minute there.

I Agree with AHorriblePerson

He's right. This game would be SOOOOO much better with the handhelds. Multiplayer would be appreciated but it's definitely not needed. The game's BGM is at it's finest, and fits the scenery well. Also, am I the only one who got stuck at the second boss?

too easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, really you get money really fast - but the second to last level had a bit of a challenge.