Reviews for "Monster Bark"


Seriously everything just fits perfectly, from the graphics to the character development.

Beautiful yet adorable graphics, music that truly fits the game atmosphere, characters with normal abilities (no super powers, magic, etc...), no overpowered enemies, enjoyable game (not to hard or easy. not too long or short), simple gameplay yet somewhat addicting.

Personally I loved the design and uniqueness of each character (monster and heroes), specially how everyone had his own walking style fitting their personality.

Very reminiscentofAdventure of Lolo.

That's a good thing by the way :)

Great game

I suggest a level editor, so players of the game can create their own levels for even more enjoyment after they beat the game.


Playing this while listening to yourfavouritemartian santa hates poor kids

what is the music that is playing and by whom is it?