Reviews for "Monster Bark"

Great Game

I really liked how you needed every character thought the game. Plus it was fun

Great fun

Nice work with balancing the uses of the different characters (so there's no person you NEVER use except in one puzzle), animation, music, design... pretty much everything here is well done.
One bug I found, though, is when a kid gets hit by a monster if you hit space bar before it gives you the game over/restart box then it will go black and restart the level but it will immediately put up the restart box saying you've lost. It will say you've lost that level no matter how many times you restart it so you have to skip that level then.


good but the people on here look like 4 year olds




Beat the game, took some time, but i managed to acomplish it. Why such an odd number of levels? 39? should have added one more. But still I had a lot of fun