Reviews for "Monster Bark"

Whoop! Finally Complete!

Well, it did take me a good 2 or 3 hours to finish, but I really liked it. :)

very interesting and nice art work

not the most brain killer out there in newgrounds but the most artistic one so far :)
uhm about what blobguy said i only agree that bard space bar useless. the strong boy attually can jump through brick and ladybug :P.
I love the scream girl and nerd boy skin most.
good work men :D


a game i actually enjoyed playing all the way through. nice work!

I love the fuck out of playing this game.

I wish I had the vocabulary to communicate what a wonderful experience this game is for me.
Your visual design, your level design, your music, your animation... this top notch.

The best puzzle game I've played so far.

Main Info:
It's a good replacement for Portal/Portal 2. Even though this doesn't contain portals.
I love how in almost level every character has a role to play. Took me a total of 2-4 hours total. You just need simple logic and sometimes the right timing do do some items. However, some things which you think need timing actually has the answer lying in the hands of a character(s) who you think have no use in the level. Like the last level, for example. (You'll find out what I mean.)

Pros and Cons for every character:
Bark: For a specific location which doesn't involve randomly rolling into things, his speed is the best. Especially when you have to run past Ladybulls and you're just 2 or 3 squares away. (That is, when you have to divert its attention.
Charlie: The ability to cross over areas with holes is quite good especially when it's the only way you can get across, with that being the only tile you can cross on. Also, I think you should be able to get past Ladybulls doing that.
Darcy: Screaming stuns all the enemy in the radius, Shaman and Ghost or not. Also, screaming into the gramophone-like thingies allows things to be activated/deactivated, just in case you didn't know.
Ed: Fastest of the group when rolling. His rolling speed is equivalent to that of a Ladybull, that he can escape Shamans or Ghosts effortlessly, and get the last items to complete the level times.
Floyd: Meh.

Bark: His barking is pretty much useless.
Charlie: If he can jump spaces, why can't he jump over walls and bricks? Makes no sense.
Darcy: Screaming needs a SLIGHTLY bigger radius.
Ed: When he rolls, He can't stop himself, unlike Bark. He's pretty much a friendly Ladybull. :\
Floyd: Meh.

I was lazy to type some things, so I'll just type in the overall.
Music: 8.99
Characters: 9.15
Villians: 9.75
Items: 9.02
Total: 9.