Reviews for "Monster Bark"

Its been a while...

been a while i dont see such chalenging game like this one. at first i thought it was kind stupid, but then i realized that this is betweeen the 10 best games Ive ever played on newgrounds....not easy, funny, well made and chalenging.
Im happy theres still people out there that have brain to do such a game :D
Unfortunately im still trying to go trough level 22, but i know i will make it :D


I honestly thought this game was gonna suck, but I'm really impressed by it! I love the different characters and each puzzle. My only complaint is that you get each character too quickly and that it's not as challenging as I had hoped. Other than that, great game!

Dexter's lab

You should sell this to make one with the Dexter's Lab characters!

nicely done

And have cheats... or is it bug? :D
When i press space before window with restart/next level appears, it will restar/go to next level and window will then still appear. This minor bug let me to skip some of the levels.
I played the skipped levels in the end ;)

the dog is so cute i just want it

the dog i cant stand my sister made me draw it for her