Reviews for "Monster Bark"


Beat the game, took some time, but i managed to acomplish it. Why such an odd number of levels? 39? should have added one more. But still I had a lot of fun


Incredibly addicting game, gets better every level !

Really Good

I really enjoyed it! I got a little bored around level 15ish, but it's probably because I have a short attention span haha. Well made though!

Extremely well done.

I really reaaally love it. The artwork was very good en fun to watch, the sound was good, the characters were lovely and all looked interesting and the gameplay was fun.

Only one thing, when entering lvl 40 I got this:
Screen: game
No starting character specified. Choosing one for you.
Screen: game
Failed to retrieve level from level index: 39

Love it

I love this game. It started off fairly easy, almost deceptively easy, but then it got really tricky and forced me to plan ahead before making a move. The music is catchy and the art style is a lot of fun. Thanks for putting together such a fun game!