Reviews for "Monster Bark"

very good

very fun . graphics are good and love the design. good job


This game is good but. It seems too..Frogger-ish. If i wanted to play frogger i would have found an emulator. But pretty good as far as graphics, game quality and whatnot.


A good looking game, with a nice little team management mechanic. The characters are wonderfully unique and well thought out. My only gripes are that the characters moved a bit slowly for my tastes, and the whole first half of the game is really just a big tutorial level. Other than that, this is solid.


Amazing game over all, Very fun.
But i found out if you hold the Space button appon completing a level you will go to the next level before your completion window pops up and you can than click "Next Level" to skip that level without ever playing it

very good job

this is a very fun and creative child like game that is from a class all on its own that can really make u think...again very good job.