Reviews for "Monster Bark"

Sweet stuff!

A somewhat silly but adorable story mixed with an intriguing soundtrack and lovely graphics are the game's pros that spring out on you instantly. This even lets you see beyond the slightly inexact controls. The Switching of characters, each havingg unique abilities, to solve little puzzles, though, is what makes Monster Bark stand out, without having to be one of these "egdy" art games.
Beware, you might end up hooked!
A wonderful submission, worth every star.

okay game

but the moving controls are clunky, when i want to move 1 square i move either 0,1,2, or 3 squares and that gets me killed way to much

Love it!

This game is so cute! I love it!Just one question though, what does the dog's bark do?

A really good mix of elements

This game feels like a mashup of Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends and Chip's Challenge. The mechanics are well thought out and the gameplay, though slow is quite solid, and I really enjoy playing it.

Its Good.. but

I like this its really fun and addicting... but it got boring after awhile