Reviews for "Monster Bark"

One of the best flash games I've played.

The characters were great, the art was great, the music was great, and the puzzles were great. I only wish it was longer, because I love it so much.

Great job on this, it's a pure work of art.


Seriously everything just fits perfectly, from the graphics to the character development.

Beautiful yet adorable graphics, music that truly fits the game atmosphere, characters with normal abilities (no super powers, magic, etc...), no overpowered enemies, enjoyable game (not to hard or easy. not too long or short), simple gameplay yet somewhat addicting.

Personally I loved the design and uniqueness of each character (monster and heroes), specially how everyone had his own walking style fitting their personality.

Epic Work ...

Its hard to see works like this ... I mean oh god ... I dont even like puzzle games , but this is so adorable ...
first of all ... the atmosphere is fantastic ... its all related to the game style ... characters ... graphics , and music. it fits the game play in each case.

and the abilities for characters is GREAT ... so simple , no magical powers. just kids a thin and genus kid and powerful fella and a dog ... and best of all the annoying little girl ... love the scream ^_^

keep up the good work man .... and D U have a twitter account to follow ???

Great Game

I really liked how you needed every character thought the game. Plus it was fun

really great

great game, no more coments x3
just love it