Reviews for "Monster Bark"

Great !

The art style is cute, the concept is fun and addicting, the gameplay is great, the animation is incredibly smooth (It reminds me of Ghost Trick, for some reason. Were you inspired by it ?) , and the music is really good ! I can't think of any major flaw with this game, it's just great !

Great fun

Nice work with balancing the uses of the different characters (so there's no person you NEVER use except in one puzzle), animation, music, design... pretty much everything here is well done.
One bug I found, though, is when a kid gets hit by a monster if you hit space bar before it gives you the game over/restart box then it will go black and restart the level but it will immediately put up the restart box saying you've lost. It will say you've lost that level no matter how many times you restart it so you have to skip that level then.

Very reminiscentofAdventure of Lolo.

That's a good thing by the way :)


Beautifully crafted, brilliant design, fun, cute, addicting... This game is an overall winner 10/10. I would love to see a sequel of this. It's a challenge without the frustration and makes you want more. Love it, love it. Great job!

I love the art style!

In my opinion, there's a fine line between impossible and way too easy. You found the perfect balance in difficulty and there's great music and to go along with it :) Great job!