Reviews for "Monster Bark"

Rich fun!

This unexpected treat brings together 4 of the best things in the world of flash gaming: The simple and entertaining programming of Joey Betz, the trustworthy production of Armor Games, the charming art style of Super-Flash-Bros., and the playful music of Kevin MacLeod. I'm really not surprised this game is as good as it is. The art style has a retro charm and a playfully spooky flavor, the gameplay is solid and continually amusing over far longer a time than seems reasonable, and the music is a joy to listen to.

The ONLY complaint I could have (which I can't have because it's a gameplay mechanic) is how slowly some of the characters move.

10/10, 5/5. I'll be voting this up tomorrow, too.

very cool

simple and cool

Perfect in almost any dimension...

I wish I could give this a 9.75, because this game, is one of the best Armor Games games, and no doubt, (Other than Elephant Quest) the best E rated game. If you read the comments before playing, this is a MUST PLAY!!! The cartoon-y graphics give it a nice feel, the controls weren't complex, either. The game play and 36 levels provide about 30 minutes to an hour of a great game. So why did I want this to be a 9.75? Well, plain and simple, it was a tad bit TOO easy, as the AI patterns were easy to figure out in one second, and the difficulty of the last levels aren't as hard as you think. Also, the music. I would've liked different music at some points, such as at harder difficulty levels. So, my rundown of this game is:

Game play: 10
Music: 8.5
Graphics: 9.25
Difficulty: 9
Duration: 10

Joey and SFB, you did a wonderful job on this game. Great Job! Take a gold star and move to the top of the class! I hope to see another partnership game. I DEMAND IT.

Great game! Wish it had an editor.

I was a bit doubtful when I first saw the cutesy graphics, but actually I started to appreciate the style after playing a bit. But more importantly the gameplay is very solid and just lots of fun. In a couple levels I was able to short-circuit the intended solution (unless I really was intended to do that, hmm) but that's not such a bad thing really. The only thing missing is a level editor.


good but the people on here look like 4 year olds