Reviews for "Monster Bark"

NOW THATS WHAT I CALL TEAMWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great game, i thought the final level was going to have to get pass all monsters but oh well. found a bug or glitch sometimes when i die & the menu pops up to retry, it automatically does it & i have to hit it again then after i beat the level it automatically goes to the next level yet the menu for go to the next level pops up & i automatically complete that level so it was smooth sailing but i went back & did those

So addictive and amazing!

It's not just about the gameplay, it's about the graphics! They look very nice and nostalgic. The music helps set the feeling for the graphics. I also like the sound effects for the game. Overall, this game is flawless. I also completed the game in about 2 hours, so you get a good amount of gameplay. Wish there was a level editor.

i love this xDD

is amasing xD

Pretty cool

However once in a while i would only want to walk one step but it would walk me 3, straight into spikes.

One word