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Reviews for "A Shiny Minecraft tale"

i guess you have to play the game

the animation was great and even though i dont play the game i get some of the humor from watching fan videos

This was cool!

i like the texture pack!


really liked it!

I play minecraft myself and I have the same problem :(

but eh!

10+ rating!!

Funny Video

This is good and accurate video to people who saw lapis lazuel and worked forever for it and get disappointed at the end.

Favorite moment: (Caution, SPOILER ALERT)

Enderman: (headstrike) NOOOOOoooo...
Spider: *after landing on player* YES YES YES!
Spider: *KIlled* Arrrgh, you ungrateful bas-

LOL! I wish spider do that in the real game as a way to grab the player like real spider do with their prey but without annoying web.


Nice and funny great music, and ohh so thats how creepers make their hissing sound, managed to get all of them easter eggs.