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Reviews for "A Shiny Minecraft tale"

Got all of the medals! Took me like 12 rewatches, but I got them! Good movie BTW

To get the medals you will need to play this in swf rather than the default mp4 format.

Look on the left underneath the "Rate This Submission" underneath "Credits & Info" underneath "Author" underneath "Audio" and you should see "Format swf|mp4"

Click swf

Now play the movie and you should be able to obtain medals by clicking the appropriate spots in the movie. You're welcome. :-)

wynand responds:

Thank you kindly =)

Can't get the medals because of the "updated" video player. Thanks Newgrounds.
Oh well, good movie!

hate when that happens though,you get to see a ore that looks like diamond but its actually useless lapis

medals dont work anymore