Reviews for "Rushed3"

u are best animator

ever in the stickfiqure animation company even dough der is nonme

I Need That Font!

It's funny how I point out how sexy the font looks yet I'm clearly to judge the animations..¬¬ anyways loved it!


It's good to see that the guys over at Fluidanims (and stickpage) are still going strong.

One question though: I'm not an animator (or artist for that matter) but how did you get the music to play in the background even when a choice was selected (except Endo's of course).... again i don't mess with animation or videos so maybe i'm just stupid, but i'm sure a few people must have noticed that.

dubstep, jomm, hyun, endo, terkioz, in one collab...
ABSOLUTE GENIOUS it was more than just that is was stunning....

I love Endo's part.