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Reviews for "For the last time"

DAMN impressive!

Hello madboss.

how can this song not be reviewed!? HOW CAN IT NOT BE USED!?

It started off by giving me crazy chills, the imagery to this was so grand. I would like to share the image I got for this song.

An old seasoned veteran, bloody and wounded from the fight stumbles to the front lines, looking into the young eyes of his fellow warriors. Their eyes were choked with fear, for never in the stories of glory that they heard fully entailed what they would be experiencing.

From the distance a large black carpet of shadows rises from the horizon.

They were here.

The commander raises his blade high into the air and screams for honour. The young ones scream with him until at last their throats are parched, and their spirits flaring.

They begin to run towards their enemy, and potentially their graves.

*Music slows down*

The old warrior laughs into the sky. There was something about today he didn't like, and he was sure that it was his day to leave this life. He places his hand gingerly on the hilt of his sword. For 30 years that blade served him faithfully, and 30 years it claimed the lives of many many people.

He pulls out the sword and gazes into the shimmering desert sands. He watches the backs of the rippling young, including his three sons, blood lust fresh and naive.

He runs after them. He will fight for them, and them for him.

I have yet to decide how the old warrior will die, but trust me, i'm not going to let him die without slaying several dozens.

This I think is your best song yet madboss. It gave me the most vivid of image, and it was incrediblly powerful.

You've put in everything I could think for this song, great work.

easily another 5/5.

madboss responds:

Thanks, really! I had the melodyes in my mind since ages and at last I could put them together.
And the story I imagined is quite the same - altough I did't imagined so detailed, just concentrated on the feelings.
So thanks for your review and the points!