Reviews for "For the last time"


This is a masterpiece, just perfect. You couldn't have done this on a comoputer, this is mind blowing.

madboss responds:

Well I DO did this stuff on computer and I don't think this is a masterpiece but I'm happy that you like it and enjoyed it. Thanks!

A work of a God!

This song is not just another song that was just thrown together like most others in this portal. This song tells a story. This song represents hours of hard work.
You should make music for the real movies. You are truly king of the audio portal!

madboss responds:

Oh man stop---I'm not king nowhere... I'm just trying to push my skill-limits as faar as I can. Anyway thanks for your rev and your kind words!


...that was an fantastic sound, you're an real champion!!! I love this one - it was so... so fantastic!!!

madboss responds:

Thanks a lot!

Like A Final Boss Battle

This sounds like music for the final Boss Battle, I'm surprised no one has used it for their flash yet. Excellent Job!


Again amazing

I've only listen to two of your submissions and i'm a fan, you really should do this for a livin, great music for an action game of a LOTR's style battle

madboss responds:

Thank you again! I also love this epic feeling that I try to bring it trough in my tracks. If you have patience, there is another to come - but I'm still experimenting with the right structure. So hang on!;)